DIYINHK DDC Pump Toshiba PCB Replacement Mod

Posted: April 14, 2011 in Pumps
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DDC-1 (Black Impeller)

Updated 4-24-11
As an added test, I installed the PCB in a DDC-1 thanks to bmaverick for sending over the non-working pump.  While it’s not quite as dramatic of a gain as it was in the DDC-3, it’s still a very good gain on a DDC-1.  I gained roughly 23% pressure improvement on the DDC-1.  While it’s not a silent as the Sanyo controller, it does produce a bit more power.  Here is the detail and comparison of that DDC-1 test:

DDC-1 Tested at 12V

DDC-1 Tested at 12V

Also of some interesting note, the Toshiba is extremely electrically efficient on this pump.  I hit almost 29% efficiency which may possibly be my best to date of any water cooling pump.  While it may not be the most silent, the Toshiba is very electrically efficient.

And here is the comparison to the Laing and Sanyo PCBs on the same pump with same top.

PCB comparison DDC-1

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  1. Doug says:

    how much and were can i get one thanks

  2. Jim says:

    Sure you can buy them, just not on Ebay anymore.. $15 for the Toshiba cont. PCB and $10 for the Sanyo cont. PCB + $4 for world wide shipping. Here is the link:

  3. ned says:

    Hi can someone tell me which pcb i should go for on DIYINHK website there is a 10W blue and 18W white one. My pump is a DDC 3.2 PWM with a burnt board, i know i won’t get pmw but can i still control the white one by doing what’s been said on page 3 ?.

  4. ned says:

    The pot you used .5W i can only find the following

    Would this do as it has .01W .02W Rating ?

  5. ned says:

    Hi i’ve finally revived my dcc pump and used a 50k pot because loss of pwm. where are you reading your vsp? i put a voltmeter on pot terminals it reads 2.39v at lowest but wen i turn it up the reading gets lower ? have you got any idea why that is?

  6. ned says:

    Lol i had the meter on vsp and vref stupid me, i found ground at the end and it worked according to your chart. very quite pump at the lowest setting i am truly impressed and glad i did this to revive my pump saved me $200… i am all for MODS :-) thank you martin for you great work.

  7. Fernando says:

    hi,I got I new pcb(the white one) and I want do add a controller,is it possible to add the volt controller on a molex extention instead of cutting the pcb and adding there?

    • Martinm210 says:

      Probably, reducing molex voltage is generally an option with most pumps, but most also have a minimum start up necessary so if you accidentally adjust by accident too low the pump won’t start. That can be bad if you were unaware which is why I tend to steer clear of regular fan controllers. Most pumps seem like they need at least 8V to start.

  8. Fernando says:

    i got the pumb back form my friend(he did the soldering) but i think is not soldered correctly,the pump just shakes arround and the rotor doesnt spin.
    it was the v3.3 with the white pcp,do you know the wires diagram?

  9. diyinhk says:

    Hi, a new pcb with pwm control is just done! I am happy if you have interest to play with it but I lose your email and address…

    • Martinm210 says:

      Sorry, I moved and not currently planning anymore testing or reviews. PWM sounds really cool though, would be particularly good if it shared the same noise quality of the sanyo controller but with the Toshiba power all under PWM..:)