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Software Control

While I wouldn’t have thought there would be much too it, the software installation and playing around with the program did take some time and learning through trial and error.  The user manual does a really good job giving you the highlights and general intent of each window, but it’s lacking in detail that will tell you this button or switch does that, etc.  There is a help file, but unfortunately it’s all in German so the help was….no help at all to English-only readers.

For starters, you have to go search and find the aquasuite software and download it.

Go to Support > Downloads > Software

You have to use the aquasuite 4.72.00, or at least that’s what it said and what I did.  There is a newer 2012 aquasuite, but that is for the Aquareo 5.

Here are the windows presented in the 4.72.00 software:

This first window is more of a summary screen only, no controls present.  At the time, I did not have a flow meter connected, but it would also display that here.  It gives you the pump power and speed related information, the built in water sensor reading, the flow meter reading, and the fan voltage and duty cycle.  It also has a calibration bar chart on the right.

This second window is where you set up the fan control. I found using the manual controls was easy, but setting up temperature control was a bit too much manually.  I still do not know what R, I, D regulator means although the “Setting Wizard” seems to walk you through and set up the water settings for you for the most part.  I tried manually tweaking these setting and couldn’t make a whole lot of sense of the middle portion.  There are also several predefined profiles you can just pick and run with that ease the complexity a bit.

This window is for controlling the pump and I believe for communication with an aquabus.  I only used the manual controls on the pump frequency and the “reset” maximum pump frequency during testing as I found that was critical to squeezing every last bit of performance from the pump.  It is however a very very slow process when testing with this pump.  Since the pump basically tweaks the speed for every particular restriction, I had to reset and wait for the pump to reset at ever testing interval which usually took two iterations to get just right.

For the average user, you could just leave the pump frequency setting to automatic and it will keep checking, or set it to manual at 100%.  It won’t run at 100%, but it will run at the maximum allowable for your particular restriction level.

Here is where you could calibrate sensors.  I did not use this at all, but could see it coming in handy for those interested in that sort of control.

This window is really meant for those upgrading the lower level pumps.  I blurred out my key numbers just in case, but I believe that’s what this is for (unlocks the advanced and ultra versions).  Since my pump was already an ultra, it was all filled out.

And the graphs, you get the above for  pump data, regulator data, fan data, and temperatures for anything that is connected.  I could see the temperatures being handy if you had the external temperature sensor connected.  You could then evaluate the performance of your radiator/fan combination.  Unfortunately I did find some of the legend in a few areas listed in German despite checking english in the settings.

The “Tweaking” capability of the software and fun gained by playing with these many windows is what really makes this pump special to me.  Unfortunately it’s not for the timid, and unless you understand German, there is no help file to refer to.  The User guide will give you the big picture, but for details, you’re just going to have to play with it. Regardless, this was a refreshing change in pump testing for me, if for nothing else but learning something new.

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