i7-2600K CPU Danger Den M6 Block Preview

Posted: January 21, 2012 in Blocks
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My block was actually more of a preview sample prior to the packaging being finalized, so I won’t quite have the “retail” package to share with you as I was sent the following plus several more bits and pieces following the start of testing.

While I didn’t get a photo of it, everything was packaged in individual bubble wrap packages with more than ample protection and separation of parts.  In addition to being well packaged, the shipping is the fastest of any reviews taking just one day from notice to arriving at my door, but that’s what happens when you ship via Fed-Ex and only have to cross the state I guess.  Regardless, that is refreshing.

The package contained the block fully assembled (I added the Danger Den Fatboy 1/2″ Barbs), an Intel acrylic back plate, and hardware.  They actually sent me several sets of hardware and thumb nuts and what you see above is different from the retail package.  While I’m not a big fan of loose hardware, I do really like the thumb nuts.  Unlike small knurled little thumbscrews that tear up your finger tips, these brass nuts are very large and a breeze to tighten.


The first thing to catch my eye is how smooth and reflective the nickel finish is.  This is probably the nicest nickel finish on a block I have seen in a while and also per the specs is done using the more desirable “EN” plating process.

And the base is more of a brushed copper rather than mirror.

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  2. PepeLapiu says:

    Interesting review. Would be really interesting if you were to lap a CPU and compare results before/after.

  3. Ahrensy says:

    Another great review…
    After close inspection I think I understand the bridging problem, but I’m curious how you actually fixed it. What exactly is a “shim” and how is it used? A photo if relevant would be nice too.

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