i7-3930K CPU Swiftech Apogee HD

Posted: March 22, 2012 in Blocks
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But to keep my testing apples to apples on mounting pressure, I tested with my standard 35-40lb mounting pressure.  It’s almost a crying shame to use loose parts, but it had to be done for testing consistency.  I suspect the factory system includes slightly more mounting pressure than what was tested which should only further enhance performance.


The Apogee HD is an excellent block and pretty hard to find fault in anything.  It is without a doubt the best mounting system in the industry including not only a prescribed mounting pressure for optimal mounting performance regardless of user experience, but also a true easy mount system with no small loose parts. It provides the most complete package of all blocks including 1/2″ barbs and clamps.  It includes a high performance thermal compound (PK-1). It provides a unique multiple port outlet feature to maximize CPU block flow rates on very complex loops, and it also comes in several color and metal top flavors.  While I’m not a big plating fan, I would like to see them add a bare brass top version to the mix of options, I like the looks of the white block with black hold down, but a brass top would be even better to go with my motherboard and get metal top durability benefits.


  • #1 Mounting System includes good prescribed mounting pressure for safety and a perfectly level mount every time.
  • #1 Easy Mount has no small loose parts, a true “Easy Mount!”.
  • Thermal Performance is #1 tied on the 3930K with the best mount ever tested.
  • Most complete accessory package includes 1/2″ barbs and clamps too!
  • Good machining quality, precision, and finishing.
  • Extra Wide G1/4 barb spacing is compatible with large compression fittings
  • Top materials options (White or Black POM or gold plated brass)
  • Multi-port outlet feature for complex 3+ block loops


  • Slightly higher than average restriction on single block loops (mitigated on multiple block loops using multi-port feature)



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